Laws of the Land

Server Rules : Rules to protect the integrity of the server and are enforced by admin verbal warnings, temp bans, and permanent bans

Server Laws: in game laws of the land enforced by a in game police group called CPD that add banter and give a unique gameplay experience that can be broken without admin punishment

1. No open carry (A player can be shot by an officer if they are carrying a weapon if the officer feels threatened)

2. No citizen can legally possess explosives or weapons of .338 caliber or higher, or launchers without the appropriate permit

3. No drug possession (marijuana can be possessed under 8 oz which is 8 baggies with appropriate permit) all other drug possession is illegal

4. No assaulting other players

5. If a player is caught with over 50k on their person the police will tax 50% and will interrogate the origin of the money

6. Hunters must have the tags and permits for each animal pelt harvested

7. No disorderly conduct

8. 45klm speed limits on county roads

9. 65 klm speed limits on major highways

10. Despite the military distance rule players can base in Zelenogorsk but will be taxed 7,000 rubles per week. Taxes will collected on Friday.

11. All drug activity is illegal. Zero tolerance policy

12. Curfew after dark. CPD is authorized to shoot to kill anyone on the streets or not on their property after dark in Zelenogorsk.

13. When operating a vehicle operators must obtain and carry the appropriate license which can be purchased at the

safe zone traders. D license for land vehicles. P license for air vehicles

14. The CPD has the right to issue knock search warrants on any property they get reports of drug activity on. Compliants will be lawfully searched and anything illegal or unlicensed will be confiscated as well as fined. The CPD reserves the right to issue a satchel charge entry to all non compliant parties in regards to drug activity reports