Server Events

Boxing Tournament

Come on down to the Elektrozavodsk gym to enlist in Chernarus Laws boxing tournament. Boxers will choose red or blue team and will compete in a process of illimitation tournament. Each fight will be 3 5 minute rounds or until knockout. Winners of each fight will receive a 50K reward and will advance in the next weeks fight. The Chernarus Laws champion will win a vehicle and 100K rubles. No weapons will be allowed inside the gym. This will be enforced by the CPD

Gold Rush

A group of westerners are mining Chernarus of all its minerals and riches. Players get paid 100K to kill each of the lever action rifle and magnum wielding cowboys


3 round tdm and capture the flag games in our custom pvp arena. The guns shoot rubber bullets and knock players uncon. Unconscious players will pick up gun, raise hand (F1) and walk to the tower to wait for the end of each round. Teams will be identified by red and blue jackets and guns. Ea player from winning team gets 50K reward at the end of each game

Zelenogorsk Bank Courier

An armored convoy leaves Zelenogorsk Bank and makes stops in 5 cities before returning to the bank. Players ambush the truck to steal loot and high jack the convoy vehicles as CPD fight to protect it. Players can drive the truck for 50K reward if they return alive

Coastal Turf Wars

Players bring their best gear set and join a gang of red or blue and meet in a coastal city where admins will place guns in buildings throughout the city to fall back on once you get killed for the first time. The event will last 30 minutes and the objective is to rack up as many kills for your team as possible by killing the opposing team players. A crate full of color coded clothing will be placed on each end of the city so fresh spawns can get dressed in gang color again. Be careful killing fresh spawns before they get dressed in their gangs colors because team kills will be deducted from final score. 1 team kill = -1 score. 1 enemy kill = +1 score. Gang with most points at the end of the 30 minute round will be paid 100k each player


Chemtecnica is a business that develops biological grade materials often blamed for the strand of virus that caused certain people in Chernarus to zombify. From time to time they can be spotted in Chernarus conducting field studies usually wearing full nbc suits and gas masks. The Chernarus police have ordered a kill on sight for a large cash reward


A heavily armed squad of insurgents have infiltrated Chernarus with plans of taking over and killing anyone who objects. The Chernarus Police need the communities help taking them out for 100K ruble reward

Convoy Ambush

Attack the convoy escorted by police officers to steal the convoy contents and vehicles before they reach their destination

VIP Jailbreak

From time to time the police will arrest a large scale criminal and either keep them in a holding cell or transport him to court. The criminals colleagues have leaked information on the whereabouts and offer a large payment for breaking the criminal out or killing him before he can talk in court

Mogelevka Bank

Mogelevka bank is now open for business down in Mogelevka. Players can now partake in money courier missions that have a payout once money truck has reached its destination safely. Make sure to avoid or fight off any other players trying to stop the truck and steal the money. If another player steals the money or kills the driver the mission will fail and the driver will not get paid. Admins will announce when courier missions are available

Day at the Races

Test your driving skills against other players in a racing tournament involving drag, rally, and circuit racing for cash prizes or a chance to win a one of a kind car only obtainable by winning the tournament

PVP Arena

Participate in 1 v 1 or team deathmatch in the close quarters combat arena for cash and firearm rewards