Basic Rules

Server Rules : Rules to protect the integrity of the server and are enforced by admin verbal warnings, temp bans, and permanent bans

Server Laws: in game laws of the land enforced by a in game police group called CPD that add banter and give a unique gameplay experience that can be broken without admin punishment

- Treat others as you would have them treat yourself. No racial slurs or sexual harassment.

- No glitching will be tolerated. Ex. Throwing objects through walls to see beyond them

- No team killing

- Absolutely no 3rd party hacking programs or cheating. Any video evidence proving so will get the guilty player banned no excuses no exceptions

- All players running in a faction must use the factions clan tag at all times

- No camping safe zones or black market

- No trader mic spamming

- No griefing, don’t throw items on the ground just to despawn when raiding, don’t shoot vehicles to destroy them, do not despawn loot using trashcans

- No stealing in trader

- No vehicle griefing in trader, if it's not yours, don't touch it

- Don’t land helis in trader. There are heli pads for landing

- No “survivor” names. If your in game name is survivor change it in the dzsa launcher

- Do not leave vehicles in safe zone

- No meta gaming- do not use global chat to disclose info on players locations, base locations, or base contents, including vehicles

- No stream sniping

Vehicle Rules

- Vehicle limit - Solo players are limited to 1 vehicle

- Factions and groups are limited to any combination of 3 vehicles. Sell all excess or they will be deleted. This is to help with server lag

- Do not leave vehicles in trader